Picnic In The Park.

Sunday 19th July 2020

Pablo PicassoLe déjeuner sur l’herbe after Manet, March 13, 1962© Succession Picasso 2008 – RMN-Grand Palais / Martine Beck-Copolla

In 1932, Picasso wrote: “When I see Manet’s Lunch on the Grass I tell myself there is pain ahead”.

I took Isabella and Patrick to the RA and we cruised around the Piccaso on paper exhibition. Masked and gelled it still enthralled us and then we took our lunch and ate it under a tree in St. James Park. Bliss.

The reconstruction and deconstruction in the exhibition around Picasso’s painting of déjeuner sur l’herbe after Manet are evident and we talked about it at length. I am loving looking at the processes Picasso used to construct his final pieces, painting on printouts – like Olivia, using coloured crayons – like Francesca, overprinting negatives – like Nate and twisting and collaging bits of paper- like Luisa.

I have decided to make a painting that incorporates both my bowls and my collages one plane, then another both back and front like the washing line.

Virginia Woofe put it beautifully- ”I feel as though I had grasped the central meaning of the world, & all these poets & historians & philosophers were only following out paths branching from that centre in which I stand. And then — some speck of dust gets into my machine I suppose, & the whole thing goes wrong again.”

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