Painters and politics.

Pablo Picasso, Mark Bradford, Vincent Van Gogh, Edwardo Manet and Don.

Each painter responded to a ”crisis” situation and produced a painting to reflect their feelings about their chosen subject.

Guernica – Piccaso tap for the story.
Martha and the Vandellas -Mark Bradford Interview in The Art newspaper tap for the story.
Potato Eaters – Vincent Van Gogh tap for back story.
Olympia-Manet tap for the story.

Some times their subject matter is historical some times it is current some times it is political, but it is always personal, works as defined by Wim Wender as personal not private. This allows the painter to look out describe what he is looking at and allow the audience to judge.

Caravaggio’s Death of The Virgin Mary 1606. May or may not belong here, it may have been a very human and sensitive portrait of the Virgin or it may have been a comment. It does not seem clear some say the model was a well know prostitute. Caravaggio may have just not thought it through, he may genuinely have felt in death Mary showed her humanity, the work was rejected by the client as unsuitable and down right disrespectful.

Tap for a Link to the Louve where the painting Lies.

Don McCullen as a photographer uses the same process and feels for humanity. He questions the worth of his war work against his other personal areas of interest which he has recently returned to explore.

They all deal with the human condition.

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