Lockdown & The Magna Carter

Some times too much research may lead to indecision.

This was not the case when they created the Magna Carter a document made for free men, sorry not for serfs, to stop King John abusing his power, it was basically a very long list of rules. Not perfect it was revised many times the UK retains just one clause still in 2020. Read on and tap the link to find out which one.

Runnymede site of the signing of the Magna Cater in 1215.
Tap for a link to the British Library.

CV-19 lockdown relax – you may travel to a destination for exercise… No castle here but I wanted to check out ”Writ in water” Mark Wallinger 2015 – A commission from the National Trust to commemorate and celebrate 800 years since the signing of the English Magna Carta.

Writ in Water, National Trust 2015.
Tap for a link.
Local ruins of a St. Mary’s seen from across the Thames at Runnymede. The 2500 year old Yew tree somewhere near by. Tap for info.

Mark Wallinger’s Title for his concrete piece is the writing on Keat’s headrest. He also connected to Keats not for his questions concerning Art and Beauty but for his final comments relating to the transience of man’s achievements. Both of us ended up at the Magna Carta. Nature wins hands down 2500-year-old Tree and beautiful landscapes to wander in, don’t think she procrastinates.

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