Splitting light in Newton’s bedchamber.

Splitting light in Newton’s bedchamber National Trust / James Dobson
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Life is so lovely and slow, punctuated by painting, cooking and sleep. Very little to stress about, creativity and clarity abound.

Newton self isolating from the plague – nice article from the New Yorker.

The idea that the bubonic plague woke the brilliance in Isaac Newton is both wrong and misleading.Illustration from Oxford Science Archive / Getty
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I listened to a fascinating presentation, a collaborative mission for the further understanding and acceptance of those who are neurodiverse within further education – https://www.linkedin.com/posts/royal-college-of-art_neurodiversity-in-albertopolis-network-launch-activity-6664647568246489088-GlLK

I found myself wanting to say never give up, never surrender or explain. Oscar Wild meets Galaxy Quest.

Galaxy Quest is a film about actors who’s fictional world becomes reality.

“Never surrender, Never Give in”
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Not sure Artists / people don’t take themselves too seriously – people need real life and time to connect or may be a viral invasion to find the time to think.

Gravitas – https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/gravitas

What goes ha ha bonk? Someone laughing their head off- of course.

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